Crocodiles Vs Alligators : 5 Surprising Diffrences

May 15, 2023

Crocodiles Vs Alligators

Crocodiles and alligators are both large reptiles that are often confused with each other.There are also some key differences between the two species

Snout Shape

Crocodiles have longer, V-shaped snouts, while alligators have shorter, wider U-shaped snouts. This difference in snout shape is related to the animals' diets


Crocodiles are found in saltwater habitats like oceans and mangrove swamps, while alligators prefer freshwater habitats like rivers, lakes, and swamps.

Skin Texture

Crocodile skin is smoother and more uniform, with small, closely spaced scales. Alligator skin, on the other hand, has larger, more widely spaced scales that are raised in a ridged pattern

Tooth Placement

Crocodiles have interlocking teeth, The teeth from the upper and lower jaws fit together like puzzle pieces. Alligators, on the other hand, have a wider snout and teeth.

Geographic location

Crocodiles can be found in Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America, while alligators are primarily found in the southeastern United States and parts of China.

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