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To develop compassionate and open-minded students equipped with skills for lifelong learning that enable them to take action to create a just and sustainable world.


We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

We maintain a teacher:student ratio of 1:20 to ensure that every student is given individual care and attention by the teachers.

Nalanda group of Education institutions a citadel for the expansion and refinement of knowledge, seeks he most ambitious and talented students with aptitude and integrity from diverse cultural, racial, Socioeconomic and geographic background.


Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow 

Engagement leading to real student success. We view education as an opportunity for children to learn how to live fully and become true global citizens, embracing multiple perspectives, broadmindedness, tolerance, and multilingualism.

Rich community of parents, students and teachers.

Community is lived through experiences that foster personal responsibility, cooperation, imaginative thinking, problem solving, decision making, care and respect.

Meaningful curriculum taught by great teachers dedicated to meaningfully connectin


Our Founder

The Institution is committed to its students in providing unmatched quality in education, ensuring that our many programs promote a strong sense of leadership, co operation services, and intellectual foundation. This foundation fully prepares our graduates to advance into higher levels of education at top tier schools in India and across the globe. Nalanda’s mission is to ensure that our outstanding youth are effectively taught, challenged, and inspired so they develop into their fullest potential and depart as thoughtful, versatile and responsible participants in global society.



What Parents are Saying

“I continue to be impressed with the systems, procedure and people at Nalanda and feel very lucky that my children attend this school.” 

Mahesh Chigurupati

Happy Parent

“I cannot praise Nalanda enough. My son has flourished here and I am extremely greatful to the school for their support and continuing strategies to help ensure my son has the best education he can.”

Ashish Reddy

Happy Parent

“I remain delighted with our daughter’s progress at Nalanda and with the wonderful opportunities she is given.”

Mr. & Mrs. Taduri

Happy Parents

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Phone: +91 40 2381 3997

Email: info@onlenalanda.com