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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”



We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

At Nalanda, education prepares students  to use the skills learned at school in all of life’s endeavors. Nalanda is a life changing experience, preparing students of prestigious national level institutions in India and abroad. It asks a great deal from every student-bringing forth the highest standards, greater personal expectations, and deeper engagement into the ideals that define the innate aspirations and requirements necessary for unparalleled growth and success. Our campus follows the same principles-versatile modern computer labs, fully furnished spacious class rooms, sufficient facilities, a spacious auditorium with a capacity of +500 and a state-of-the- art film projector, allowing an array of extra-curricular activities.


Maximise Individual Student Potential

All students should have the opportunity, instruction, guidance and support necessary to succeed in school and maximise their individual academic, social and emotional potential. Students must be active participants, at the centre of the learning process, in an environment that encourages them to pursue their dreams.


Joy and wonder are essential elements in the learning process which breed passion and creativity.

Hard Work and Perseverance

Culturally Diverse Community

LifeSharedDana WilliamsEffort is more important than talent and should be cultivated in all aspects of school life. Success is earned through hard work and commitment.

Shared Responsibility

Responsibility for excellence in education is shared by all members of the school community. Success is achieved through teamwork and collaboration.

Lifelong Learning

Students should cultivate the habits of mind to be curious, independent learners who pursue their passions and understand the beauty and power of knowledge.

Culturally Diverse Community

Students develop compassion, empathy, and insight in an inclusive, culturally diverse community that requires them to consider various perspectives and adapt to different ways of being.

Character Development

All of our actions and decisions should be guided by clear ethical principles.
Doing what is right requires honesty, integrity and courage, and it is the school’s
responsibility to support students in developing these essential traits.



Our faculty brings forth an extensive track record of success  and innovation in the delivery of academic excellence, growth and learning opportunities to a countless number of students. It is crucial to set high expectations not only for our students, but also for the quality of our teachers. Capable of resolving any complex problem in a simple and refined manner, our academic faculty provides the required skills and aptitude essential in allowing students to pursue their examinations with the essential confidence and foundation to not only succeed, but excel. With personal attention given to each individual student and a strong student/teacher ratio, it can be ensured that our students move forward with a strong sense of assurance, the requisite knowledge and the primed expertise to progress forward intellectually and academically into all their future endeavours. “

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