“Open the doors of dynamic knowledge and create the future of the country by choosing Nalanda Educational Institute.

    Nalanda’s Mission And Vision

    Our purpose is to engage every student of our school in the pursuit of educational excellence and success for all students which prepares them to go ahead and become impactful bigwig for the world. By providing each student a diverse education that promotes compassion, integrity, balance, curiosity, leadership , balance and reflection.

    Our Environment

    Nalanda Educational Institutions has a unique personalized approach to teaching including purposefulness, confidence and resilience to life’s challenges. We are committed to preparing our students for success in a globally connected world where they demonstrate knowledge and skills in the core subjects at a high level of understanding.

    A life long love of learning

    We are proud of our school and the strength of the community that enables us to foster and nurture all the talents of our pupils.

    “Fostering children’s curiosity to create a life-long love of learning”



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