Wondering how to write 12000 in words ? In today’s highly competitive world, it becomes prudent for young primary school students to learn how to express numbers in words. It becomes important to write and pronounce numbers in the correct manner so that people don’t get confused and are clear when it comes to numbers or more importantly ‘money’.

Let us consider a case where 12000 needs to be expressed in words. We have seen in our earlier blog, that using the English language any number can be expressed in words as the effective place value of the digits. According to the place value, 12000 is written as twelve thousand.

The Place value table for 12000:

Place value is the foundation of our number system. As per the below table, we should see ‘1’ in the ten thousand’s place, and ‘2’ in the thousand’s place.

Ten thousandThousandHundredTenOne

The place values are listed below in ascending order (along with their respective digits):

One’s place – 0

Ten’s place – 0

Hundred’s place – 0

Thousand’s place – 2

Ten thousand’s place – 1

When it comes to communicating transactions using our currency, we say ‘twelve thousand rupees’. 

But, when it is written in cheques for financial transactions, we write ‘twelve thousand rupees only’.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is a place value?

Place value is one of the critical concepts to understand when students learn about the number system. In this system, the position of the digit at a particular place value determines the value of the number. For example, 11892 is eleven thousand eight ninety – which implies one ten thousand, one thousand, eight hundreds, nine tens and two ones.

2. What is the number before 12000?

The number before 12000 is 11999, which is expressed as fourteen thousand four hundred and ninety nine.

3. Can I write “12k” instead of “Twelve thousand”?

While it’s common to use abbreviations like “k” for thousands in informal writing, it’s not recommended in formal writing. It’s best to write out each place value in full to avoid any confusion.