In the era of fidget spinners and addictive video games, do you ever wonder if there are methods to focus or relax in a way that doesn’t make you more antsy? When one tends to focus more on external sources to unwind, they tend to form a harmful dependence on that object, leading to increased restlessness. This could change if we dive into the ancient methods Indians use to find peace within themselves through yoga. This blog focuses on the importance of yoga, particularly for students who have trouble finding ways to relax or increase concentration. 

With 3 branches, and over 5000 students studying at Nalanda School, we provide training sessions and effective methods to prioritise mental health and relaxation in this competitive world. When these students partake in yoga and activities that promote mindfulness, they are more attuned to finding balance in their physical and mental health. Ageing back to 2700 B.C., yoga remains to be one of the most recommended methods for students, as it is a holistic and traditional method that requires no external investment and aids in health improvement. 

Importance of Yoga in Students Life

Including yoga in your daily routines comes with numerous benefits, such as – 

1. Aids in brain and skill development 

Students are at a time of their lives wherein they are required to learn new skills and polish their talents every day in their lives. As yoga is a physical activity that targets every muscle in the body, there is improvement in the blood flow to the brain, leading to faster reproduction of brain cells. This helps in building a sharper and more confident mindset and helps students grow a more goal-oriented approach towards their studies. 

2. Enhanced concentration 

Yoga has always been a method to ease the body and help the mind unwind, to focus all the energy wherever deemed necessary. It helps students stay alert and aware if practised daily before they sit to study. There has been a notable increase in productivity in students, as their memory retention is enhanced with a calm mind.

3. Lowers stress levels and fatigue

When our body and mind are exhausted, there is an increase in stress hormones released into the bloodstream. This causes fatigue that in turn results in a sour mood, anger, fear or self-doubt. Recent studies prove that yoga plays a crucial part in reducing such emotions as it aids in boosting the quantity of GABA, a chemical that reduces tension in the body. 

4. Promotes good physical health

After the pandemic, the immediate need of the hour is to focus on physical fitness. Yoga helps the body improve flexibility, core strength, and endurance for various cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and targets the muscles that are under constant stress throughout the day. 

5. Helps maintain mental health

Last but not least, yoga has been one of the best grounding techniques to lessen anxiety and serves as a good coping mechanism for those who suffer from self-esteem issues. As students are subject to numerous physical changes and try to find their social standing in their community, yoga also helps the body maintain endorphin release that boosts the mood and calms the nerves.


The most vexing struggle for students entails a tremendous lack of focus, especially those who were glued to their screens for the entirety of the COVID pandemic homeschooling period. In such times, yoga has proved to be a boon for students and faculty alike, in terms of increasing mobility; of both their physical state, and their cognitive capabilities. Along with the aforementioned benefits, yoga also aids in building a self-identity through a calming process of finding agency in their decisions, providing a basis for any faults and allowing the mind to find energy and space for rectifying these faults.

Today, many students focus on the importance of yoga in their lives as it helps them navigate a world full of prejudices, hardships and relentless competition. Thus, we encourage every student of Onle Nalanda Schools to take a deep breath, focus on your core, and try out some Yoga!