Animals are amazing creatures we co-live with on this planet. We often forget that animals are as crucial to the earth as we are. The ecosystem of nature has brought us to a state where we tend to be entirely co-dependent on each other. Like humans, animals also need elemental survival forces like food, water & shelter. Have you ever had questions like where animals stay? Yes, the man-made places that domestic animals live in, like Horses in stables, Dogs in kennels, Pigs in a pigsty and cows in a barn. These places are effectively constructed for the animals to stay safe and protected. However, millions of animals out in the world need to have the advantage of living in a ready-made shelter. But why do animals need a home? Let’s discuss why. 

Why is shelter important for animals? 

  • To keep themselves safe 
  • To maintain the surrounding temperature sustainable for their body type.
  • To store their food 
  • Some also build homes to impress a partner

Did you know that these animals in the wild have beautiful, effective ways of making their own homes that safeguard them and keep them warm and comfortable? Let’sLet’s talk about a few wild animals and their homes

How many animals make their own homes?


Beavers, or rodents as they are popularly called, are the most skilled architects of all the animals in the wild. They construct their dams, lodges & water canals with the sole purpose of protecting their family. They scrap an entire tree to break down its branches into portable material to build their safe shelters. They make a bridge from the water body to their homes to create a canal that brings home water. They also build lodges on the water, the entry only known to the family. The predators would never know how to enter, and thus the family is safe. Isn’tIsn’t this amusing? 


We have always observed those tiny nests on tall trees with smaller portions of the bark, haven’t we? Those beautiful bird nests are effectively made to lay eggs and protect them from their attackers. If you observe with a keen eye, birds make a bowl-like or oval-shaped home for themselves and their younger ones. 


Since childhood, we were always taught how hardworking ants are, remember the grasshopper and ants story? Rightly so, ants are the most hardworking and intelligent when it comes to making homes. They make a sand castle for themselves with tiny particles and create it like a human makes a home. They have a storage room for food, and this fact is enough to surprise us surp[rised at how amazingly their little brain works. Stay clear by the size of the sand castle as the natural home routes to much deeper than the ground level. Even termite castles and snake holes look very similar to the ant castles. These homes are constructed to mainly store food and keep them from harsh climatic conditions. 


Bees are beautiful little working ladies who not only make them the most attractive homes of the lot but also source delicious nectar, and honey, from sweet flowers. The bees are very elegant in shaping the beehives with ultra-version detailing and perfect-shaped dimensions of the house. They collectively work towards making a home out of their food. It is so amusing. 
This brings us to the end of discussing amusing homes of animals of more excellent quality and proving that animals have sharp and creative brains. So whenever someone asks, “what is an animal house?” or ” which animals create their own homes?” you know you have an answer. Animals and their homes make us love nature even more. Nalanda educational institution, the best school in Hyderabad, has an extensive learning course for students.