In the modern world it is very important to spend time with their kid’s. As parents it is very difficult to spend time with children as they are always on their smartphones. There are a lot of things that can be done to engage the child and equally spend time with them. Let’s look at some of the tips to engage our little brains:

·       By playing indoor games and outdoor games in free time

Remember our school games that we used to play with friends? Why not play with our own kid’s where we can engage our little ones. This is one of the best ways to see where our kids’ interest lies in.

·       Learn any fun activity with your kid

Kids are always enthusiastic and they have eyes on learning everything whatever they find attractive. It is always good to learn something new with them which will enhance their brain development.

·       Communicate with your child

Communication is the best way to keep your child engaged and to know more about them. It’s one of the best ways to share and bond with your kid.

·       Give the kids simple tasks to perform

Simple tasks can make them feel happy after achieving it and make them more comfortable in trying new things. By trying this, children can learn a lot of new things and won’t step a back in experimenting.

·       Take a break and travel with kids

By exploring new places children explore a lot of new cultures, traditions, new food and style. This will engage the kids and it will be easy from both the ways to communicate and also to spend time.


These are the most useful tips that every parent can follow to eliminate the mobile phones in their little one’s hands. Both parents and children are responsible to create the special place without phones and these tips are really useful.

Frequently asked questions

1.What are the benefits of engaging activities in Children?

Engaging activities provide numerous benefits for the children. They enhance brain development, creativity and promote physical /mental health. 

2.How can I find age-appropriate activities?

To find age-appropriate activities we first need to know what interests them and what will help them. To know this, it’s better that we communicate with our own children to have that clarity. 

3.How can I make engaging activities a part of our daily routine?

It’s good to implement their daily activities in their daily routine according to their timings and convenience so that it will be easy for kids to adapt.

4.What if my child gets bored easily with these activities?

Children’s interest can change over time, and it’s natural for them to lose interest. To combat boredom, introduce a variety of activities to the children and add in challenges to the tasks. 

5.Are these tips really useful?

Absolutely ,the tips and suggestions mentioned engaged the child well without any boredom. This helps the kid not to go near the idiot box and touch smartphones.