There are five ways to increase a  child’s imagination. We will discuss it below. Learning today has passed the parades of textbook knowledge and flowed towards the direction of personality and skill development. Everybody today has access to education and can effortlessly score extensions in the subjects, but what makes a person different? Their creativity, personality, skills and thought processes make the child stand out. A child’s imagination at a young age needs to be nurtured to get their hands on creative learning capacities and make a difference in the world. There is a long list of things one must follow to be able to withhold their child’s imagination and help them create wonders. The most important thing to do is to find your child’s interest in the creative line and enhance the same in different ways to help them master it. But how exactly will you do so? Here is a list of essential things to nurture your child with a creative mind and beautiful heart. Let’s discuss further into the same: 

How to nurture your child’s creativity?

These are the 5 ways to increase your child’s Imagination


Connect children to the natural world of mother earth. It is proven that staying connected to nature helps children enhance their creativity and builds a strong connection between their hearts and minds. This helps them think better and involves care taking that helps them make positive thoughts and mindset. 


Opting for outdoor activities/games that will initiate cognitive learning and help with creativity is extremely important. When it comes to an understanding of the reliance on games, there must be a stipulated screen-free time when the children go outdoors and play games of their choice. You can also go for gardening or activities like playing hoops, renewing old products into reusable articles, watering the plants etc. These activities will help the child think creatively and come up with innovative ideas that are beyond imagination. 


We must remember the importance of art and craft in enhancing creativity for a child. Art helps the child understand their mood, mindset and ideology through different modes. Some professionals could interpret personalities based on an individual’s skill. The colours, patterns, ideas and models we create through art and craft is a definite measure and enhancer of creativity. This is the reason why people inculcate drama and art in education. Participation in role plays helps in the cognitive development of children.


Since their childhood stories are an element of interest for the children, initiating storytelling is the best way to nurture their creativity. In the early stages of child development, the parents can be the storytellers igniting the child’s imagination. As the child grows up, it’s essential for parents to be the listeners and comprehend these young creative minds and their ideas. You will be surprised to see how beautifully their ideas take flight in their minds and through their words. Storytelling, subsequently, is one of the best concepts for creative learning. 


Building blocks and other open-ended toys give the children liberty to play around with the toys irrespective of any complex rules abided by the game. These games have focused on building a child’s imagination and nurturing their curiosity to showcase their creativity. It is clinically proven that children’s ideologies and mindsets are sharpened by playing with suitable toys. A few other examples of open-ended toys are puppets, LEGO etc. Let the imagination flow with these toys while the creativity builds in their minds. 

As we have discussed above, creativity nurturing concepts and activities help ignite children’s right state of mind. Delhi World School has inculcated varied learning ideas to ignite students’ imagination and convey it in the right direction.