Joining the military is a matter of pride and an achievement that deserves celebration.

At Nalanda, we offer riflery as a sport for the students aspiring to join the Indian army.

With riflery, students who are aiming to join the military can streamline their careers from an early age. 

Here’s how riflery helps those who want those military badges on their shoulders:

  • Marksmanship:

Riflery training develops essential marksmanship skills, including precision, accuracy, and consistency in shooting. These skills are fundamental for success in military roles that require firearm proficiency.

  • Discipline and focus:

Riflery requires discipline, focus, and attention to detail. These qualities are highly important in the army and are highly valued. Why? Because in the army, the soldiers need to follow specific orders and are supposed to stay composed under difficult situations.

  • Physical fitness:

Riflery training often involves physical conditioning to enhance stability, endurance, and fine motor skills. And we all know how important physical fitness is in the military. Soldiers must be capable of carrying heavy equipment, running miles, and navigating difficult terrains.

  • Teamwork and Leadership

Riflery competitions and training often involve teamwork, collaboration, and leadership development. And in the military, the soldiers must consider each other their own and work collaboratively. 

  • Tactical Thinking

Riflery training fosters strategic thinking, problem-solving, and tactical awareness. These cognitive skills are critical for military roles that require quick decision-making, adaptability, and the ability to assess and respond to changing situations on the battlefield.

  • Confidence and Resilience

Mastering riflery builds confidence, resilience, and mental toughness. These attributes are essential for military service, where soldiers must face adversity, overcome challenges, and remain steadfast in the face of danger.

Overall, riflery is one such sport that should be taught to students, not just those with dreams of joining the military but also others. It is a sport that teaches you discipline and precision and allows you to stand steadfast and confident in your life. 

Nalanda understands this and hence encourages its students to take part in riflery and provides the best coaches

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