The best way to utilize your school educational curricular activities is by practicing the art of  public speaking. Not only does it help gain confidence but also adds on to communication skills. So how exactly do you start  public speaking? Here we will share how to master public speaking parenting tips you can follow for public speaking for kids. 

Parenting tips 


Confidence is the key when it comes to public speaking. An individual might be an amazing communicator for a small group of people but might end up stammering on the stage. Stage fear comes from fear of embarrassment and lack of confidence. This is where parental support comes in, children need the push from their parents to gain a little confidence to speak publicly. 


Usually at an early age, children tend to learn communication and gain a perspective towards things. Children grown in a healthy environment tend to express better publicly. This is why parents must make sure they maintain a healthy environment during early child development. 


A child should be given the privilege to communicate openly with their parents so that they are bold enough to express themselves on a public domain. Parents should also teach their children about community sensitive topics and how to express themselves without offending anybody. 

These are a few parenting tips you can use to help in public speaking for kids. However, parents can only guide their children to a certain extent, after which the children have to push themselves and create a personality effective for master public speaking. 

Tips while public speaking


The best way to get your nerves under control is by openly accepting the fact that you are nervous. This will bring a healthy laugh, cut down the tension in the room and break the barrier between the speaker and the audience. It’s the best way to start your speech, make fun of yourself. 


The essence of a good speaker is the impact they create with their speech and the bond they make with their audience while speaking. The entire purpose of public speaking is to make the audience be engrossed in your opinions, thus connecting to the audience makes it easier to create an impact. 


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that anything and everything needs to be practised at least a 100 times to make it perfect. What you can do is, look at yourself in the mirror and practice the speech over and over again. Continue practising the same until you think it’s perfect. 


The best thing to do is to talk to the audience in a conversational pattern. When you make them involved in the conversation, it creates excitement and adds to their curiosity in the speech. 


In order to write and deliver a speech in the most effective way possible, be aware of your audience and their choices. For example: the language you use to deliver your speech for teenagers is very different from the tone for older people. 


Last but not the least express your gratitude towards people who have supported you, inspired you and also for the audience to be extremely patient with your performance. This will create a good after speech impression of your personality. 

Public speaking for kids is an art of excellence and is a boon to the student’s personality. At Nalanda school, Hyderabad we shape students to become world leaders.