Students are the most affected lot when it comes to suffering mentally. With constant stress to score well in the exams and on the ground, it becomes hectic for students to manage every task without feeling overwhelmed and stressed. 

Students stand on 2 pillars – parents and teachers. 

If parents are the pillar that supports them at home, it is teachers in the school that help them thrive.

Without these 2 pillars, the building called a child will crumble. School is the second home to students where they spend most of their time apart from home. From attending classes to interacting with peers, maximum growth and development takes place in school. 

In such a world, school needs to be a haven that nurtures the child. With the growing importance of mental health in the world, improving mental health in schools has become paramount.

The second pillar is that teachers can help students be emotionally healthy and perform well.

Here are a few simple ways teachers can help the students thrive:

  • Open communication:

We often see that teachers do not encourage students to express their feelings. At Nalanda, however, the teachers are focused on open communication, encouraging students to express their concerns and feelings. When they talk about their feelings, they will have a way of letting out steam and know that there are people there to listen to what they have to say. This makes them more comfortable and confident in the school environment and the real world as well.

  • Paying attention to changed behavior:

Teachers have the chance to take a close look at the daily actions and behavior of their students. Teachers know how each student is in their class and have an idea of their personality, whenever they see a change in behavior, mood, or personality, it is important to notice and let the concerned person know about it. Teachers should Look out for signs of distress or withdrawal, such as sudden changes in appetite, sleep patterns, or social interactions, and address any concerns with empathy and sensitivity. At Nalanda, we focus on every student and our faculty are always on the lookout for symptoms of stress.

  • Educating them about mental health:

Mental health education in schools is extremely important. Students need to know that what they are feeling is common and exists. They need to find a word for the feelings they are experiencing. Teachers can take a class specially designed for teaching mental health in schools and help the students learn about what it is they are feeling.

  • Stress management techniques:

Teachers can educate students on stress management techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and yoga. At Nalanda, we encourage students to practice self-care and prioritize activities that promote relaxation and balance.

  • A positive classroom environment:

It is important to foster a positive classroom environment and inclusive classroom culture that values diversity, empathy, and kindness. Teachers should promote collaboration, teamwork, and peer support among students and celebrate individual strengths and achievements to boost students’ self-esteem and sense of belonging.

  • Lead by example:

Teachers can model positivity and help students learn from the best!

With these techniques, teachers can create an environment in school that students enjoy and wake up every morning feeling happy to come to school! 

Nalanda – as the best educational institute in Hyderabad is passionate about maintaining the mental health of students by providing them a platform to express themselves, and let off steam with their favorite sports and faculty that encourages and supports them. 

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