Education is a predominant factor that lets people thrive in the fast-paced, technology-driven world. The demand for inclusive and effective means of learning has shown a sharp spike in recent years. While schools lay the foundation for a brighter future for your children, the role of parents is just as important. Let’s understand how parents influence their children’s school life positively.

Conducive Learning Environment

Early years of education start at home. Hence it is crucial that parents engage, comprehend and provide for their child’s learning needs. Understand if your child is going through hyperactivity or autism and requires special care. Needless to say, parents influence their children’s behavior. A chaotic household is one of the primary reasons for developing mental health issues and insomnia. This further affects their academics. Maintaining harmony and creating a positive space is the foundation of fruitful learning. Some marginalized groups cannot afford basic means of education. What should they do instead? Well, constant support and faith from the parents go a long way in instilling hope and confidence in students.

Parent-Teacher Meet

While emails, calls and digital tools keep parents informed about their child’s performance. But, attending the parent-teacher meeting is a significant step in meeting students’ educational goals. Parent-teacher meetings provide the ideal medium to exchange perspectives. Be it on the school curriculum, discuss issues, and tackle them. Tracking your child’s progress becomes easier. Moreover, you can give teachers valuable insights about your children. This will help teachers understand their students better and more effectively. In the same way, teachers can also deduce productive ways to help parents influence their children positively at home.


Apart from assisting your kids in doing their homework, it is vital that you motivate them to read books. Reading is probably the best way For parents influence their children’s and make them socially aware. It enhances vocabulary, sparks creativity and allows them to grasp knowledge. Be it classic fiction or an inspiring story, ask them to read whatever they love.

Encouraging Passions

Parents influence their children positively by enforcing support and catering time to their interests. Balancing academics with exhilarating activities is the stepping stone to creating exemplary minds. Co-curricular activities help students hone time-management and organisational skills. As a parent, you are responsible for igniting their motivation to pursue their passions. 

Parents influence their children in several ways, and it is often overlooked in an enriching learning experience. Nalanda fosters a favourable environment to bring out the potential in every child. We also understand the importance of parents’ involvement. Hence, we encourage them to participate in our wholesome learning experience.