Patriotism is directly related to the importance of Independence Day to a Nation. It refers to the love and devotion an individual holds for one’s country. This emotion can be shown in the thoughts, words, and actions of the individual. Patriotism is an individual emotion, a sense of belongingness people have for one’s own country. 

The term nationalism is often confused with patriotism. Nationalism is an ideology that emphasizes loyalty, devotion, or allegiance to a nation or nation-state and holds that such obligations outweigh other individual or group interests. Nationalism emphasizes the unity of the cultural past by including language and heritage. Patriotism is based on love towards people with a greater emphasis on values and beliefs.

Teaching patriotism to the students holds as much importance as the importance of Independence day celebrations at school. However the feeling of patriotism cannot be forced in the minds of students like a mathematics formula. First, let us talk about why is the feeling of patriotism important for students:

  • Patriotic students make responsible citizens. Without a sense of belonging to the country, one cannot abide by the democratic constitution of the country. 
  • Patriotism promotes unity among the students. India has diverse cultures and religions, and the only commonality we hold with pride is the love for our Nation.
  • Naturally, when you respect the Nation you live in, you, in turn, learn to respect people and professions. 

These are the three significant reasons why students should be taught about the importance of patriotism. Now the question is how exactly do we instill the feeling of belongingness? 


By Creating Awareness : 

When students are taught about the rich heritage of India & told stories about  the struggle for Independence, they understand the importance of democracy, Independence, and the privilege they have to be born in a country like India. Our education curriculum is filled with stories of Independence and India’s versatile cultural authenticity. However, the way a particular topic is taught makes a difference. The importance of Independence day , freedom struggle and India should be taught with utmost gratitude and respect for the Nation. 

Encourage Participation in Patriotic Activities:

This is where the importance of Independence day comes into the picture. Engaging the students in Independence day celebrations and activities makes it easier for them to inbuilt a sense of patriotism. Days of greater significance, like Independence day and Republic day, create an excellent opportunity to curate the role of a patriotic person. Remember, your actions speak louder than words. Inculcating patriotism in events like Independence day celebrations and activities that combine different curriculums like dance, music, and play could create a good impact. 

Plan Visits to Monuments of Historical Importance :

India is known for its history and facts that stand out making us a nation full of diverse cultures and traditions. Every state/city has at least one historical monument that signifies the sacrifice and the achievements of our Nation. A school trip for students to a place full of history and facts about India might keep them invested and slowly help build the feeling of patriotism from within. 

At Nalanda school, the best school in Hyderabad, educators make students think independently and enable them to understand that patriotism has a broader meaning and a unifying factor. The phrase ‘love for the country implies ‘love for all citizens irrespective of caste and creed.’ Similarly, “loyalty towards the country” implies loyalty to the citizens of the Nation.