Healthy nutrition has always started in our homes and has always been a worry for parents who send their children to school. A school is a place where children spend most of their time. Schools have also started providing nutritious foods to kids nowadays, reducing most of the worry for parents. Schools face many requests regarding nutrition and food,  so they can consider and implement the important ones.

Healthy eating habits in schools

Kids are prone to eating junk foods, so parents or schools can convert junk into healthy food, which will increase the nutrient level. Schools should also provide healthy options instead of fries and burgers. Nutrient levels have a lot of impact on a child’s growth.

Promoting nutrition education

Children tend to grasp information easily when they are really interested. We need to make sure to provide the information in an interesting and creative way. The creative way is nothing but to make the topics interesting and in a simple way so that kids understand and make it a habit to eat healthy. Teaching them how bad junk food is can also make them aware of how harmful it is for the body.

There should be healthy food options given at school

Providing kids with choices can help them understand what they like and don’t like. Healthy food options like fruits, nuts, poha, etc. are healthier than having burgers, fries, etc. So, giving them these options and making them aware of healthy nutrients will make them more interested in trying new and healthy foods.Children who regularly eat fruits and vegetables at every meal eat enough high-fibre, high-nutrient meals to full them up. If a youngster eats more colourful fruits, their diet will be more diverse and their body will absorb more vitamins and minerals.

Don’t force your child

Let them make their own plates and choices, as kids tend to be more curious about new foods. Forcing them is not a good option, but giving them other options is the best option for them. Forcing them will only lead to less consumption of nutritious food.For a youngster to accept a new dish, you might need to serve it to them several times. Offer a child a few bites rather than forcing them to eat. Ask older children to sample one bite.

Include the kids while you cook

When we include kids in cooking they tend to learn a lot and allotting them simple tasks like measuring or chopping the veggies will let them see and observe how the meals are fully cooked. 


1. Why is nutrition education important in school?

The students need to have knowledge about the nutritional values and foods that they are consuming, as it’s very important.

2.What is a healthy food to take to school?

Healthy foods and snacks like idli, dosa, and pooja can make the lunch box interesting.

3. What are the benefits of being healthy?

Prevents health issues and diseases, improves physical and mental health, etc.