Why are productivity tips for children and teachers an important subject to focus on? A recent study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in just a few years. Technological advancement around the globe is a boon or a bane to our individual health? Are we damaging our brains internally to make our lives easier externally?

As alarming as it sounds the sudden shift in the attention span has hindered the productivity and creativity of individuals. It is safe to say that with every passing generation of students we are losing an opportunity to create smart and productive leaders of the near future.Now more than ever it is time for us to understand the importance of productivity in students. Here are some productivity tips for children and teachers.

Productivity Tips for Children and Teachers:

Plan and set your goals:

The first step towards productivity is planning ahead of time. When you have planned an entire day with set short-term daily goals that you would like to achieve, it becomes easier to follow the plan. This way you are keeping track of your progress, identifying your limitations and working on the same to increase your productivity. This is one of the best productivity tips for children and teachers. 


The second step to follow is consistency. It can be very tiring to make a proper schedule, set goals and follow the same consistently, but it is as important as it is difficult. This one of the productivity tips is the fuel to your fire. Another important catch to this tip is that if you continue being consistent with your work for upto 45 days then your schedule will become a habit. This way you can effortlessly be productive and expect amazing results. 

Taking Breaks:

One of the productivity tips that you will follow as a default is taking breaks. It is very important to stimulate your mind and give it some space to breathe. Remember the mind is not a machine and needs time to retain what you have learned. The best way to utilise your break time is by doing something you genuinely enjoy like listening to music, cooking or dancing. Once your short break is over you will be completely energised, increasing productivity. 

Learning Techniques:

Today studying is at its simplest form, most of the information is available online eliminating the need to research in the library for hours. The syllabus is also extremely simplified considering the mental health of students. There are different researches on going to find out the easiest learning technique for children. A personality test will help you determine your best learning style, making it easy for you to focus and follow. This by far marks as the best productivity tips for children and teachers. 

Healthy Lifestyle:

Keeping all the other productivity tips aside, your major focus should be on building a healthier lifestyle so that you can focus on your plan and achieving your goals. The importance of productivity in students will not make any difference if your body and mind are not in the right space. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly to keep your body healthy. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep daily to boost your mind functionalities. That’s it, when your body and mind is healthy your focus and productivity reaches peaks. 

Nalanda school makes sure these productivity tips for children and teachers, are a complete boon for the organisation and help them create world leaders. These productivity tips will help you increase focus and concentration. Happy learning!