Creating a fun learning environment for kids can be quite a hustle for teachers as well as parents. If you are feeling puzzled and confused about how to curate a favourable space that engages a student interest in learning, this article is for you. Let’s dive into the strategies without any further ado.

Interactive classes

The golden rule of making a lesson more interesting is incorporating a sense of curiosity. Let them brainstorm answers and form an individual perspective. Also, make sure you take their opinion on things. Quote real-life examples and make them feel more connected.

Use Technology

Can we divide the 21st-century kids and technology? Of course, not! However, you can make the most of it by making learning exciting for your students. Be it for presentations or showing them conceptual videos, technology is the magic wand you will ever need to induce student interest in learning.

Exhilarating activities

Students often get bored with a monotonous pattern of academics confined to the four walls of the classrooms. Break this boundary and let them explore things beyond the regular curriculum. Extra-curricular activities not only develop student interest in learning but also ensures they develop skills for the real world.

Understand them and their interests

Research shows that building positive relationships with students encourages them to learn more. So, here are a few tips  to foster a healthy environment that inclines student interest in learning and keeps them on toes.

8 Ideas to get to know your students with activities

1) Jam Sessions

Just a minute sessions are probably one of the best ways for students to reflect on their thoughts and give you a gist of their notions.

2) Dance Party

A dance party is cool, but dance parties in schools are way cooler! It helps them relax and drives away their stress. More importantly, it helps them open up a little more.

3) Games

Remember teachers playing games with us whenever we felt zoned out? You can do that too! There are a plethora of student interest activities to get groovy and have fun.

4) Personal Interactions

While some kids don’t mind giving off their opinions in front of the whole class, not all of them are extroverts. The best way to know about them is through personal interactions.

5) Ask about their interests in projects

If you want to really understand a kid, you have to dig into their interests and fascinations. What better way than giving them a choice to set the pace of education. Ask them to give insights on project works and volunteering opportunities.

6) Assignments

An assignment or homework gives a basic idea of how a student thinks and analyses things. Stir up competence and make it more personalised. For instance, you can give them a task to write about their career goals.

7) Meditation or Physical activity

Indulging in meditation or physical activity is one of the pragmatic ways to retain attention and get them more involved.

8) Short Play

Theatres and plays are refined forms of self-expression. You can ask them to dress up as their favourite character and look at what pops out!

Don’t stress over how to get students interested in learning anymore, keep these suggestions in mind. When there is a balance between academics and fun, student interest in learning spikes automatically. With a diverse curriculum, Nalanda schools ensure our students are hooked on learning and think out of their box.