Exam season is particularly stressful for students. If you remember, when you were just a student, you too had this stress of scoring the top rank in school. 

This stress can have a huge impact on the child’s health and their overall well-being.

While teachers are one pillar that makes sure that students are well prepared, parents are the pillar that needs to make sure that their children are not taking too much stress and studying, but in a healthy manner. 

As parents, it is understandable that you are constantly worried about your child’s academic performance and well-being.

In some cases, your child may put more pressure on themselves than you do on them. In such situations, here are a few simple tips that you can use to make sure that your child is studying healthily and productively:

  • Creating a positive environment:

Create an environment at home that is stress-free and peaceful. An atmosphere where children feel nurtured and can grow and learn.

  • Encourage healthy habits:

A physically healthy child is a child who can study and work hard. Make sure to focus on their diet and sleep. Discourage junk food and promote healthy and mindful eating. An 8-hour sleep cycle should be followed by every child for optimum study results.

  • Be available:

It often so happens that parents are busy with work and home and don’t have the time to focus on their child’s minor issues. These minor issues too are very important to pay attention to. Be available and listen to them. Let them express their feelings and thoughts. Validate their emotions and reassure them.

  • Help with time management:

Help your child create a schedule. You have gone through this phase and this makes you an expert to help your child. Sit down with them and create a schedule that aligns with their routine and also doesn’t burn them off.

  • Provide academic support:

You can help your child understand the topics better by breaking them down into simpler sections and explaining them. This will not only help them understand better but your bond with your child will also grow! 

  • Encourage and motivate:

When your child comes to you saying that they aren’t able to understand a topic, offer them support, encourage, and motivate them to try harder. Do not simply discard their attempt to seek help.

  • Minimize stress:

Teach your child meditation, deep breathing techniques, and mindfulness. Encourage them to take breaks, engage in enjoyable activities, and maintain a healthy balance between study and leisure.

  • Stay informed and involved:

Keep yourself updated on the exam schedule and be on track with all tests.

  • Celebrate achievements:

How little they may be, doesn’t matter, celebrate the achievements of your child. This will reinforce that you believe in them and that their hard work pays off.

With these few simple tips, you can make sure of your child’s well-being. 

At Nalanda, our faculty makes sure to create a stress-free environment for the children and promote open communication. 

We make sure that our students are all on the same page and are working in an environment they love! We provide activities that help them take their steam off and let their creativity out too! 

We hope this blog has brought certain things into perspective and has been of help. 

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