School is a haven for development. Children spend most of their time at school and it becomes their second home. Most of a child’s development takes place during these prime years hence making it necessary for them to receive a holistic approach towards development.

Sports is one of the most important arenas where children need to be involved so that it boosts their holistic development.

The benefits of sports in school are unmatched. With a varied range of sports now made available in the best sports schools in Hyderabad, parents don’t have to worry about the holistic development of their children.

But what exactly are these benefits?

In this blog, let us discuss some of these prime benefits and why your child should be enrolled in the best sports school in Hyderabad.

  • Physical health is paramount:

With the development of motor skills and coordination and reduced risk of heart problems and bone problems, sports improve the physical fitness and health of children. As they say, health is wealth! Health is paramount and sports are the medium to achieve it!

  • Improved mental health:

The constant study and no physical activity on the ground can make children burnt out. Sports act as a stress reliever for children where they can let off some steam while on the ground.

  • Improved self-esteem:

Whether it is a team win or a personal best, it improves the self-esteem of children and boosts their confidence. They also learn healthy competition and how to embrace a loss. It becomes a lesson for life and teaches children how to graciously accept loss and humbly celebrate wins.

  • Improved discipline:

On the ground, discipline is top tier. No child without discipline is ever seen in a sport. It becomes a habit on the ground and outside the ground for children to maintain punctuality and discipline.

  • Character development:

By improving perseverance, determination, and grit, children enjoy holistic character development by playing sports.

  • Cultural integration:

Children learn to include and respect different cultures while engaging in sports of different nations and learning from peers of different ethnicities.

  • Leadership opportunities:

When they are allowed to lead their peers, they learn how to make efficient use of their position. They learn the importance of being humble and leading their peers to victory. In dark times, they stick together and learn teamwork. Sports is one such avenue that provides students the opportunity to lead and learn.

  • Personal growth and self-discovery:

Apart from all the mentioned advantages, the most important is that children grow personally and learn what interests them. They begin to discover their passions and learn how to work towards them.

All the aforementioned advantages will help a child grow into a person their parents can be proud to call their own. And all it takes is a little bit of ground play!

Nalanda is proud to mention that we, as a school, focus on the holistic development of children. We make sure that no child is left behind when it comes to development. We provide sports such as riflery, table tennis and cricket to keep the children engaged and fit. 

Like they say, work is good but work and play together is better! For admission, contact – +91 40 2381 3997